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Meowball, much appreciated for helping Crestington with the coding. Feel free to let us know if you are involved in any other coins..past or present and what you would like to see from Colossus Coin Version 2 futurewise.

HyperCoin? Sounds great. Interested in your specific involvement over there if you are at liberty to discuss it.

Real account here.

Important Announcements / Re: EBAY member trading old currency for colcoins
« on: November 29, 2014, 02:19:10 AM »
I really like this. Hope to see him/her continue down this path and pick up some solid sales.

General ColossusCoin Discussion / Re: Colossuscoin 2.0 Masterthread
« on: October 24, 2014, 02:50:15 PM »
First off, and most important, thanks Crestington (as well as Sudo) for staying committed to this coin ALL YEAR LONG since you guys took it over. You guys are unequivocally the "Telflon Don's" of the Crypto Universe.

Really have to give a huge thumbs up for all the intensive testing you've done over the months Crestington is truly find the best fit/algo/wallet/etc for the forthcoming Version 2 of Colossus Coin. All the members know over the past year that Colossus Coin is deserving and well worth a rebirth and its been a long time coming. Really have enjoyed watching your intrinsic motivation and diligence play-out and, like others, can't wait to see the new version of Colossus Coin V2.

Could you explain the following to us from your most recent post:
"250,000 coin combine threshold"

I also wanted to say that the wallet is looking even better than expected (aside from the otherwise overly large icons maybe and overuse of color possibly). But functionality is where it's at and any of that can be later updated.

A big happy 1st Birthday to Colossus Coin and all those members and investors who have committed to this currency. May it receive many more blessings and come to be a currency in FAR more wallets the world over.

May the sun shine on the upcoming, newest iteration of the coin. New and improved if I may say so myself.

Cryptocurrency Related News & Technology / Re: Vericoin Roadmap Illustrated
« on: September 26, 2014, 12:39:12 PM »
Disclosure: I do own some Vericoins

Fitting in with the roadmap the Devs have layed out at Vericoin, today a tease preview has been displayed on Twitter of this crypto-currency's forth mentioned wallet version as alluded to a number times over the last 3 months by Patrick in their btctalk thread as well as the roadmap itself:

I am looking forward to seeing if they have also integrated any of the "social" type networking capabilities that Reddcoin wallet has been looking to expand their wallets into.

Cryptocurrency Related News & Technology / Vericoin Roadmap Illustrated
« on: September 19, 2014, 06:04:56 AM »
Disclaimer: I do hold some Vericoins.

I thought this particular webpage on a separate Vericoin website (as opposed to the foundation home website) illustrated what current and completed projects have been suggested, in the pipe as well as completed. If you scroll down the page you will notice that the colored progress bars move to their corresponding level of percentile completion by the Vericoin coders.

I thought this imagery was very indicative of a cryptocurency team that "sweated the numbers" and thought development progress should be both quantified and communicated for those current and prospective investors in the Vericoin Coinbase.

It definitely shows a nice touch and I have to ask myself why this has not been integrated with their main website. At any rate, the entire page is worthy of a look and includes concise synopsis details such as the current Interest Rate % that the coin is offering for Staking Wallets and actual current number of coins staking.

Reading through what James of Bitcoindark has put together a bit further places COL a bit on the outside looking in at the moment as far as possible membership inclusion in the SuperNet. Why? He is specifically looking for a diversified range of crypotocurencies that have at least one particular unique slant to the coin. And I don't get the feeling that it is necessarily a simple unique algo feature or parameter. The SuperNet is not just about collectivizing a strong group of coins to in essence protect each other and be competitive verse those coins outside the "Network", but the objective is also to monetize (make $) with/for those networked crypto coins.

At the current time since we are in the development stages of Colossus Coin Version 2, we would more than likely need to later add something very unique to the coin to be accepted. Although that is definitely a possibility in the future, James did not specifically delineate when membership applications would cease to be accepted nor has he enumerated coin examples or specific types of coins that definitely would be denied acceptance. Obviously, in so many words, he does not want "clone coins".

Let us follow up with this at a later time please.

Disclaimer: I own no BitcoinDark Coins.

I like this, how could we incorporate Colossuscoin into the SuperNET Initiative?

Very interesting turn of events that has seen the KarmaShares owned search engine go from being offered $2.5 million USD by a French venture capitalist to no only being denied by the Karma Project Lead Manager..but to also see the Limited Liability Company known as KarmaShares completely disbanded and all 8.5+ Billion Karma coins returned back to all the investors in the company. Yes, you've read that correctly, KarmaShares has now be dissolved as a LLC, all coins returned to their rightful owners as Karma coins and the assets, etc of the company completely shelved and the corporation as it was known shut down indefinitely.

An unusual turn of events to be sure that just recently featured the Lead Dev reject the $2.5 million offer for various (and understandable) reasons that ended in very harsh community blowback for not following through with the sale. Apparently, the level of criticism harsh enough to the point that the lead Dev enumerated as 1 of the 2 explanations as to why he dissolved KarmaShares and took back the project that he formerly owned as his sole creator. Additionally, the Dev has been very unhappy with the lack of investor support he has been requesting for some time to advance Karma the coin worldwide and in particular Philippines.

This is a rather lengthy story that is actually just ramping up and the implications at this point cannot be responsibly gauged until the dust has settled with their community and an understanding if the Lead Dev will completely cease his involvement in the Karma COIN operating side of things.

Stay tuned.

Just a follow up on this story that involves the sale of the KarmaShares owned search engine by a Venture Capitalist in France:

The French VC offer has now matriculated to a fully upfront $2.5 million USD as opposed to the lower initial offer coupled with more over the course of 5 years (if specific objectives were met). 

Aside from the aforementioned higher up front purchase price for the terms of the contract have changed quite significantly as follows:

-No control, in any capacity, after signing
-1,900,000 Euro (approximately $2.5MM) due at signing
-All websites, domains, intellectual property included
-No futher remuneration, awards, benefits due (including salaries or related benefits)
-Retaining of Lill core team for 365 days from signing
-Expires August 31, 2014, if no agreement is reached (1 month after planned X11 transition)

Although the vast majority of KarmaShare holders desire to agree to the sale, a shreholders vote has not been arrived at thus far. Additionally, the retaining of a couple core members of the KarmaShare team to further the development of is the very aspect of the deal that has most members scrambling for other alternatives.

Although we are seeing more and more talk about the ability to leverage Credit Cards "loaded" with BTC, most of them have yet to materialize or be as user friendly and feature packed as the forth coming Coinsis Credit Card. Now in beta and essentially proven to function as advertised (patiently awaiting additional videos), the Credit Card allows coin holders to load their BTC or Blackcoin onto the card and then converted into United States Dollar with trnasaction times typically being about 15 minutes or less.

A video of its actual real time use leveraging BTC loaded onto the card and converted to USD can be viewed at the bottom of the page:

My understanding is that you may also store your BTC on the card without actually converting it to the Dollar until you see fit to do that.

There are quite a few user friendly options that lead me to believe that the Coinsis Credit Card may just be the one that has moved to the front of the pack in the hurried race to combine BTC and USD together on a single card capable of being used anywhere Visa is accepted (and with sub 15 minute conversions no less). That said, let's not get ahead of ourselves. 1. This is still in beta (but proven to work), 2. at this point I am not sure if it will be accepted anywhere/everywhere VISA is accepted..or will Mastercard being involved...Discover...American Express??? We are going to have to wait for further clarification on that.

But lets be honest. What we all want to hear about is ALTCOINS! Yes, you guessed it. Your itchy little techy fingers will soon be able to load Blackcoin and also Vericoin on to this Credit Card as well and subsequently converted to USD for quick use.

So what's BC and VRC got to do with the price of rice in China you ask my young Skywalker? A LOT!
Although we are going to have to wait for further details how a coin can be involved with this Credit Card, we all would love our precious CV2 to get its day in the sun like any other top flight cryptocoin. And a quick and clean avenue to get Colossus Coin to the masses could be achieved by mating Colossus Coin with the Coinsis Credit Card.

Let us follow this company, see where the Vericoin news, development and relationship goes between Coinsis and the VRC Devs and keep an open ear if and when the new version of Colossus Coin can be leveraged for purchases with this Credit Card. 


+ Stores transaction info on the Blockchian Network
+ Send/Receive BTC by email
+ Send/receive BTC by BTC address
+ Send/receive BTC by QR Code
+ The ability to retract BTC if it is not claimed by the receiver (VERY interesting)
+ Store BTC until you want to convert to USD
+ Store currency as USD vs BTC
+ Visual/viewable account transaction history
+ More

I own both Colossus Coins and Vericoins, however do not own Blackcoins nor Bitcoins.

Thank you kindly for this. Great to see COL also on the "dust jacket" of the ebook as well. Due to being amongst the initial high float coins, as well as *one of* the first Proof of Stake coins, I believe it has earned that placement.

Disclaimer: I do hold some Vericoins at the time of this reporting.

This is NOT breaking news and is nearly a week old now. Again, this is nothing to be concerned about as it was 100% taken care of and neither Mintpal exchange members nor Vericoin investors lost any coins.

The following poll was used to get some level of insight whether the crypto community and Vericoin investors thought Vericoin Devs' immediate move to rollback the coin's blockchain was appropriate and warranted.

The community logged 200 "yes" votes (72%) to 78 logged "No" votes (28%) in support of the Vericoin Devs' time warp 1 day rollback of the blockchian. This vote in no way influenced the Vericoin Devs' in their decision and was a simple straw poll that was created AFTER the Devs' had both made the decision to take action and had completed the Blockchian Rollback successfully.

Just a few days ago the quickly growing cryptocurrency trading exchange was hacked. Vericoin, and supposedly Litecoin as well as Bitcoin wallets were the target. However, Mintpal has admitted, for various reasons, they had left a high percentage of the member Vericoins in a hot wallet when they should have been in a cold wallet. Kudos for Mintpal for being forthright, however is doesn't change the fact that this was in fact a grave oversight. This oversight so large as to quite possibly shut down the exchange as it has been quoted by the 3 developers that the thief made off with what equated to 8 million Vericoins (equaling 1/3 of all Vericoins in existence).

How nearly 1/3 of all Vericoins ended up on one single exchange is beyond me, but that is not the topic of this thread as much as Mintpal's irresponsibility and the question of whether the Vericoin Devs made the most competent decision in light of what was at stake.

So, what was at stake? "Was" is the pivotal word in that question because although their may be some long term ramifications to the physical blockchain rollback decision of Vericoin in the cryptocurrency industry, the fact is that in the short term this saved not only Vericoin but also the exchange. Had the Vericoin devs collectively agreed to not rollback the blockchain approximately 24 hours so as to disable the 8 million coins the thief stole from the Mintpal hot wallet:

1. Mintpal would have to have come up with approximatley $2 million to reimburse vericoin coin holders

2. If it did not have the funds to follow through with that, it may very well have had to close the exchange

3. Which of course would have also meant, much like the Mt. Gox saga, those Vericoin exchange holders would have lost most if not all their coins

4. Also, if Vericoin Devs' did not implement the blockchain rollback, and all Mintpal exchange members holding Vericoins were told by Mintpal that their coins would not be reimbursed by the exchange, this decision could have very well created such a negative investor backlash as to render the Vericoin a "semi-dead" coin. 

All of those "possibilities" did not, in the end, happen. Things were returned essentially as if they never happened when the 24 time warp was implemented. Simple as that? Wash our hands clean and move on? Well, maybe.....maybe not. We will see if the Mintpal trading exchange loses not only its strengthening momentum is had been building up against its exchange competitors, but also if Vericoin itself can maintain both its trading price and reputation as a whole.

Again, I will leave it to the Colossus Coin community to decide this essential "saving" of both the Mintpal exchange and the Vericoin investors holding coins on that exchange was or was not the "right" thing to execute in light of all the factors discussed here.

Edit: Also keep in mind, the THIEF himself who stole upwards of $2 million worth of Vericoins, apparently because he did not trade them for BTC fast enough, made off with $0. Got to love that aspect of the story!

Here is a video by a Karma coin community member that is in charge of the Karma MultiCoin Tipping App for their community. Although the video is solid and informative, the resolution is far to low making it a bit difficult to view. Youtube shows 480 pixels as the highest resolution, however how it was recorded it is obvious to me it is in fact below 480 pixels. I am hoping that in the near future member Firecat can create a video that is similar and informative to this one about Colossus Coin BUT with a much higher resolution. I prefer 1080 if possible. Of course, people love to hear VOICE INSTRUCTIONS as opposed to written onscreen text, however I do understand if Firecat or any other person chipping in on these videos is a bit shy to do that. We can also do a voice over from a person on for very cheap if we want to go that route post production.

I really didn't run across additional videos, so will just post this one:

At any rate, first things first. When the time comes, we will complete the necessary work to include Colossus Coin as one of the coins included in this Facebook Application and attempt to be the most generous coin tipping community in the cryptographic space.

Additionally, we will be selecting a single individual that can take the time to award tips of Colossus Coin to Facebook members. If and when we see progress and commitment from this individual, at that point we would possibly pay out a bit of coins to that person for their time commitment as well as possibly use either donations or the Foundation funds to continually finance this as an ongoing means of marketing Colossus Coin version 2. It's a phenomenal way to gain exposure for our coin and in so doing achieving more downloaded wallets in the process.

Not entirely necessary at all to watch this video, however gives a couple minutes of background on the App background if you fast forward:

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