Author Topic: Help on my wallet  (Read 1291 times)


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Help on my wallet
« on: November 24, 2015, 02:41:28 AM »
Hello I have colossuscoin and now I am seen colossuscoinV2 how can I change my coins to V2


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Re: Help on my wallet
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2015, 07:13:07 AM »
Hello I have colossuscoin and now I am seen colossuscoinV2 how can I change my coins to V2

hello skyways
look at this:

Swapping Your ColossusCoins V1 (COL) to ColossusCoins V2 (CV2)

Please switch to using ColossusCoin2.0 (CV2)

Swap- over timeframe:

In the first phase the swap over will happen via a web based convertion form off exchanges (Coin Swap Form)
Please provide your ColossusCoin V1 (COL) private keys, new Colossuscoin V2 (CV2) Wallet Address and Email address for this purpose.

Coin Swap Form:

Swapping will be open for 3 month as of today (September 25, 2015) till 26th December, 2015.

Please swap as soon as possible!

There is a certain amount of time (a deadline) for swapping your ColossusCoin (COL) to ColossusCoin2.0 (CV2):
  • After 3 month and whatever is left over is redistributed through POS (reserve 10% for the development fund).
  • Once the swap is over, the remaining is distributed through staking as fees so that each person gets additional coins in relation to how much they own.
By swapping off the exchanges, all holders must have a Colossuscoin2.0 wallet and have been active within the swap period. The Coins within peoples wallets creating a much larger network of nodes. By destroying the Col1.0 coins being swapped over, we are directly reducing the amount of coins in circulation. In return for swapping over you would receive a portion of coins that do not swap over.

Note: In order to swap over your coins, you must have your own ColossusCoin2.0 wallet.
Please download the newest Colossuscoin2.0 (CV2) Wallet on

Full transaction record of coins swapped over
Below are full transaction records of the coins swapped over.

Information on how to dump your ColossuscoinV1 (COL) private key:
1.) From Menu, click Help > Debug Window
2.) Click on Console
3.) dumpprivkey <YOURADDRESS>
4.) replace youraddress with your colossuscoin-address

Colossuscoins are ‘stored’ in something called colossuscoin addresses - they look something like this: 26sujaFM9YUMLk87pXYu3W5FZJZwLaFuEn. There are two parts to a colossuscoin address – the public key (commonly just called the address) and the private key – the important part that lets you spend the colossuscoins on it’s corresponding public key.

>> From Menu, click "Receive coins", there you find your colossuscoin address <YOURADDRESS> (puplic key)

- The ColossusCoin2.0 Development Team

Coin Swap Form:

How to import and export private keys from the Colossuscoin2 client

Be extremely careful when importing or transferring private keys. You could loose all your coins if this is done improperly. Private keys should be imported only from self-generated addresses. 

How to import a private key
Step 1. Open the RPC console in the Colossuscoin2 client
Click on Help, open the Debug Window and switch to the Console tab.

Step 2. Unlock your wallet
If your Colossuscoin2 wallet is not encrypted (which is highly unadvised, please encrypt it now!) you can skip this step.

To unlock your wallet you need to type the following in the RPC console:

Code: [Select]
walletpassphrase MyPassword 60
Change MyPassword to your wallet passphrase and change 60 to the number of seconds that you want the wallet to be unlocked. After that time the wallet will be locked automatically. Make sure to unlock the wallet long enough to do the next and final step.

Step 3. Import the private key
Type into the RPC console:

Code: [Select]
importprivkey MyPrivateKey Label
Change MyPrivateKey to your private key and for Label you can enter a name/description/label for the key (optional). The importing takes a few minutes depending on your CPU power. The import is done when an empty line appears in the console. You should now be able to see the corresponding address to the imported key in the Addresses section of the client.

How to export a private key

Exporting a private key follows the same steps as above for importing a private key. For step three, instead type

Code: [Select]
dumpprivkey MyColossuscoin2PublicAddress (e.g. CZfPRSsa1bhzi3vKGwnPqKHmH5QUghMbWK)
Please store your private key in a secure location: If anyone obtained it, they would be able to steal all of your coins.

hope this helps!