Author Topic: Proposal: Use next Superblock (3000000 COLX) for Cryptopia-Crowdfunding  (Read 623 times)


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Use next Masternode Budget Superblock (BlockStart: 86,400) for Crowdfunding to get listed on Cryptopia Exchange

3000000 COLX from 5% to proposals for all phases will go into the Crowdfunding Fund to get listed on Cryptopia Exchange if you vote YES  :)

You will need at least 1 running Masternode to Vote for this proposal

Proposal Name:

Amount: 3000000 COLX

proposal-hash= dd00f114302af991a2d2b3b047a06b9fd08578223e36d733f2d9dbbb49acfda3

How to Vote?
Go to Tools > Debug Console > and type 'mnbudget show'

Then you vote:  Correct usage is 'mnbudget vote proposal-hash yes|no'

"mnbudget vote-many proposal-hash yes" to vote in favor
mnbudget vote-many dd00f114302af991a2d2b3b047a06b9fd08578223e36d733f2d9dbbb49acfda3 yes

"mnbudget vote-many proposal-hash no" to vote against

Then go to "mnbudget getinfo Crowdfunding” to check the status

Thank you for voting!

Details about the Crowdfunding campaign

ColossusCoinXT Crowdfunding Campaign to get listed on Exchange

Needed 2,500,000 DOT to get listed on Exchange

Please send your DOT Donation to the DOT Wallet Crowdfunding Address to get COLX listed on Exchange
DOT is now a Ubiq-based Asset (Ubiq Asset (ERC20) - PoW). Please use a new DOT Address:

Dotcoin (DOT) (new): 0x5fa8e3d4f6b4e3290877f32e0b665bdb3670b651

DOT Block Eplorer:
Donate some DOT and Help $COLX get to Cryptopia

Markets (currently only Cryptopia. NovaExchange is on the old Chain):

Alternatively you can use this BTC Crowdfunding Address [btc] 16adrAFTD2kZLT6zbHky9bmAbaC5m8Z9ax to get COLX listed on Exchange
All BTC sent to this Address will be converted to DOT.


Thank you for your support and your contribution.
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