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Help! new!
« on: December 27, 2017, 07:17:44 AM »
hello, i'm new to this forum and net to ColossusCoin, i would like if someone could explain me what COL is about.
i have seen that COL turned to CV2 and now again it's changing to COLX so CV2 wallet isn't available on the ColossusCoin website, only COLX wallet, so how do i redeem the 2000 CV2 for newbies?
is COlX mineable? if yes how do i mine it?
Also ,what is Obfuscation ?
also how do i add signature to these posts as i don't see a signature field?
correct me if i m wrong but do i have to create a different wallet address everytime i recieve money in to my wallet?

my COLX address is: DSZ1XF3FTCdnxM6wrbA5GJoTjzheDdZpBA
Thank you for your donations