Author Topic: Update on Progress (Development and Promotion) Feb 26th, 2014  (Read 1135 times)


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Update on Progress (Development and Promotion) Feb 26th, 2014
« on: February 26, 2014, 08:13:54 PM »

Right now we are at a tipping point in price, very little selling going on. I would like Col to get a little cheaper so that anyone who wants to buy some coins can get in. Promotion affects price so we can let the price drop a bit and gather up promo material and strategies for a test run.

I think for the test run we can release the Bitcointalk Thread, Pictures, and a Promoter Application Thread. I wouldn't want to pump it too hard and have hundreds of promoters signing up but I'd like an extra 15-20 people and begin to select a few more for the Development Team. It's KEY to build slowly so we aren't over extending ourselves.


We now have Moe as part of the Development Team, he is a Project Manager of a software team in Vancouver and is currently looking over the code for stability improvements and will give us a quote and rough timeline of the first couple jobs, New Checkpoint server, IRC and changes to code for stability.

We also now have a second team here in Vancouver who wants to work on the Development of Colossuscoin as well! I was approached by them today and they are eager to develop for Colossuscoin

I will send them an email tonight about Colossuscoin but we need to really know exactly what we want to change and in what way so we aren't wasting anyones time.

For me, working with people face to face is optimal, there are many talented Developers here in Vancouver but if all else fails we can get in contact with the BTC Repair Crew, they helped Zack finish up the new Blockchain and swap all the coins over with the help of Cryptsy. Their help would be around 5 BTC, which is pretty good! I think we could do it all up and swap it over for under 10 BTC but even that is pretty small compared to the value of Col.
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