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« on: August 17, 2014, 03:46:43 AM »
Hello Everyone...,

I'm partyhf  and I'm new to this forum. Although i'm new to colossus coin concept, i'm not that new to the whole crypto-currencies. Today I would like to share a small piece of info that I found in another forum with u guys. Some of u might have already heard about it. Anyway, its about getting a bitcoin loan. As most of us know is already providing loans but its hard to get fully funded through their proceedings.
But this new loan scheme is pretty cool and is handled by a Malaysian company. Let me Copy+Paste what i found in another forum.

Quote from: sbfn_facilitator

I'm part of Satoshi Bitcoin Facilitation Network. We are helping bitcoin loan aspirants to process their bitcoin loans through newly lauched loan scheme offered by Bitcoin Loan Facility Solution Sdn Bhd, Malaysia . You can read the company profile in this EC21 link :- The parent company 'Bitcoin business Facility Solutions ' was established in 2005 but the loan section got functional only in April 2013. In the past, BBFS was concentrating on offline businesses including corporate credit and Business Loans. Recently the company stepped into 'Personal Bitcoin Loans' and are currently in search of eligible individuals for its loan schemes.
To get a loan, an aspirant must send an email to facilitator.sbfn(at) explaining what they are going do with the loan and how they are planning to repay the loan. You have to attach your bio-data, color photo and a valid national ID scan (passport, driving license etc ) along with the email.
Your application will be screened and successful candidates will be informed through email. At the second stage of the application process, you need to deposit 20% of the loan amount as Own Contribution along with 3% processing fee to an online Escrow website . If your Application is rejected in the final verification stage, the deposited amount will be refunded back to you. ( This requirement for a Collateral is to measure the Aspirant's capacity to repay the loan in time and to weed-out incompetent aspirants. Asking for Own Contribution/Collateral is a standard procedure within banking industry all over the world.)
Loans will be issued to successful candidates as a single deposit which will be processed and monitored through
For further information, please send an email to facilitator.sbfn(at)

Facilitator, Satoshi Bitcoin Facilitation Network.

Friends, its easy to get a loan from here. I already passed the verification and waiting for the funds to hit my wallet  :-))

I told some of my buddies and they already reached the second stage ( escrow part).
You can say like u want loan to run an online campaign, open an e-commerce website, bitcoin mining equipment etc. (Unlike where u wait for ur peers to fund ur campaign, here u will get full amount btc straight away upon approval.) You can find some interesting loan ideas at and .
There is no chance of getting scammed as u don't have to release the escrow until u get ur loan.

All u have to do is to send an email only. If u get approved, u gonna get some nice coins in ur wallet. Some of my buddies got thrilled and spreading word in other forums. So act fast...!

Its nice to find this forum and all of u guys. I'll b updating my progress here soon.
Take care, Enjoy life..!!!!