Author Topic: Coinsis Credit Card For Bitcoin, Blackcoin, Vericoin. ColossusCoin Next?  (Read 1247 times)


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Although we are seeing more and more talk about the ability to leverage Credit Cards "loaded" with BTC, most of them have yet to materialize or be as user friendly and feature packed as the forth coming Coinsis Credit Card. Now in beta and essentially proven to function as advertised (patiently awaiting additional videos), the Credit Card allows coin holders to load their BTC or Blackcoin onto the card and then converted into United States Dollar with trnasaction times typically being about 15 minutes or less.

A video of its actual real time use leveraging BTC loaded onto the card and converted to USD can be viewed at the bottom of the page:

My understanding is that you may also store your BTC on the card without actually converting it to the Dollar until you see fit to do that.

There are quite a few user friendly options that lead me to believe that the Coinsis Credit Card may just be the one that has moved to the front of the pack in the hurried race to combine BTC and USD together on a single card capable of being used anywhere Visa is accepted (and with sub 15 minute conversions no less). That said, let's not get ahead of ourselves. 1. This is still in beta (but proven to work), 2. at this point I am not sure if it will be accepted anywhere/everywhere VISA is accepted..or will Mastercard being involved...Discover...American Express??? We are going to have to wait for further clarification on that.

But lets be honest. What we all want to hear about is ALTCOINS! Yes, you guessed it. Your itchy little techy fingers will soon be able to load Blackcoin and also Vericoin on to this Credit Card as well and subsequently converted to USD for quick use.

So what's BC and VRC got to do with the price of rice in China you ask my young Skywalker? A LOT!
Although we are going to have to wait for further details how a coin can be involved with this Credit Card, we all would love our precious CV2 to get its day in the sun like any other top flight cryptocoin. And a quick and clean avenue to get Colossus Coin to the masses could be achieved by mating Colossus Coin with the Coinsis Credit Card.

Let us follow this company, see where the Vericoin news, development and relationship goes between Coinsis and the VRC Devs and keep an open ear if and when the new version of Colossus Coin can be leveraged for purchases with this Credit Card. 


+ Stores transaction info on the Blockchian Network
+ Send/Receive BTC by email
+ Send/receive BTC by BTC address
+ Send/receive BTC by QR Code
+ The ability to retract BTC if it is not claimed by the receiver (VERY interesting)
+ Store BTC until you want to convert to USD
+ Store currency as USD vs BTC
+ Visual/viewable account transaction history
+ More

I own both Colossus Coins and Vericoins, however do not own Blackcoins nor Bitcoins.
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