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Meet Ambit Founder & CEO Beka Vashakidze.

Beka is a serial entrepreneur and blockchain pioneer in Georgia, CEO of BFGroup Holding company that operates in cryptocurrency mining.

Find out more information about us and our team members on



Plaza Systems ICO Interview // ICO TV VIDEO:

Total bCommerce™ is Freedom Lifestyle™ & the MerchantChain™

Cedex public whitelist 2 hour sale goes live NOW! Main sale begins at 10 GMT right after! Half the supply sold out in just over 3 hours yesterday, so don't miss out today! Secure your CEDEX here:

We know that those who did not manage to participate in the presale might be disappointed, this is why we have decided to give you a 2 hour head start on the main sale that opens tomorrow, Saturday March 17th at 10:00 GMT. You will be able to purchase the tokens with a 15 percent bonus.

The private time frame for the white list will open at Saturday March 17, 8:00 GMT until 10:00 GMT
If you have any questions or inquiries please contact our support team at [email protected]

Best regards
The Cedex team

Neblio The Blockchain Platform for Everyone
Think blockchain applications are too difficult to develop & deploy?
Not anymore. With our intuitive APIs spanning nearly all of today’s popular programming languages, distributed application development and deployment will be easier and faster than ever.

We know our community has been eagerly awaiting for the latest #Syscoin blog post.
We are working with our legal counsel on regulatory compliance relative to the posts.
We are hoping we can share our news as soon as possible.
#StayTuned! $SYS @syscoin #fintech

Interested in our token distribution process?
In total there will be 104 million tokens issued, out of which 85% will be available to the public for the purchase, the rest will be allocated in the following fashion among team, company and bounty campaign.
Ambit Mining provides an opportunity for mining enthusiasts to become part of the mining family.
For more information visit our website

Modex has launched its first fully functional product alpha, bringing to the market the World’s First App Store for the Blockchain

Are you part of Grain's Telegram group yet? Join now:

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