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I'm setting up some more nodes for people to connect to and have some more plans for updates and small fixes. Eventually I want to progress into full anonyminity but for now TOR will be a solid addition to add.


Please clone and check it out, quickly becoming one of the most advanced Proof of Stake Coins on the market. ColossusCoin2 is one of the most efficient POS Coins to mine and run while still having quick transaction times.

Nice, it's getting there

Curious to see how it would go through the conversion, trying to push that a bit lately and help us get it out of the way.

March 18, 2015 Feature update for CV2
New Upgrade:
Please upgrade your Colossuscoin2.0 wallets which included CV2 for Charity and a dozen feature upgrades, bug fixes and improvements and new RPC Calls

The upgrade was not a mandatory upgrade meaning that all the changes are additional features that add to the functionality, the bug fix was just a small change in the moneysupply display in the statistics :)

General ColossusCoin Discussion / Re: Coin Swap Form
« on: March 29, 2015, 02:06:31 AM »
I think I may know what the issue was with the COL Blockchain to get it running

Fantastic, we should see if they can increase the payouts to 100 Coins each because it pays 10 Coins but it costs 20 Coins to make a transaction.

General ColossusCoin Discussion / Re: Coin Swap Form
« on: March 11, 2015, 02:09:05 AM »
Fantastic it looks awesome!

General ColossusCoin Discussion / Re: Swap reports
« on: March 11, 2015, 02:08:21 AM »
Fantastic! How many have swapped so far?

Technical Support Help / Re: How to migrate from old wallet to new wallet?
« on: February 22, 2015, 10:37:07 AM »
Please elaborate how to migrate and setup of new wallet. Should I copy my old wallet.dat to replace the new wallet.dat? Can both wallets run simultaneously? When will the old coin expire or will it coexist? The statement below seems to contradict to each other. First sentence state I should send coins from old wallet to new wallet and then saying it won’t work.

 /How the swap will work
We will have an automated program in place in which you send your old coins from the old wallet and will recieve the new coins to the new wallet.
You will not be able to send old coins to the new wallet as they are 2 different coins.

Hi Michael,

We are currently setting up the migration from ColossusCoin to ColossusCoin2. They are 2 different Coins with 2 different total amounts of Coins.

Colossuscoin has approximately 313 Billion total Coins

ColossusCoin2 has approximately 19.1 Billion Coins

We have begun with some reimbursement of some lost Coins and payments of CV2 for work already done to create all the webites, forums and etc. with a 20:1 amount reserved for the swap.

Both Coins can be run at the same time and we are looking into setting up a redemption of CV2 with your COL keys. How this would work is that we would take a snapshot of the balances of ColossusCoin from the highest ledger we have and load them as a redemption script in CV2. This would mean that no keys would actually be taken, it would just unlock that amount of CV2 for you and you still retain your old Coins.


How we can ensure that the col-cv2 swap-over proceed secure, working well and without losses for colossuscoin1 holders?
What happens to the old coins if someone does not swap?
Are there any updates from Cryptsy on when they are going to do the swap over?
We may even have to pay a fee for cv2, to get on a decent exchange.

The swap could be proceed same as:

Beecoinv2: / Dev:;u=158610

I have been in talks with the CamorraCoin developers in helping to setup a swap function, the way ADT did it would work if we can be absolutely sure that we can get Col 1.52 running continuously without any problems.


can you put the new wallet to the and we can download it in china.

This is the Client for Dropbox

No worries,

Guys please let me know what ideas you want for handling the Coins for the swap, you can post here, or the chatbox, or even send me private messages. If you'd like to contact me through Skype and chat in real time, we can do that too. I'd like to get as much input as possible so I can make sure everyone is happy.


can you put the new wallet to the and we can download it in china.

This is the Client for Dropbox

I have made some minor changes to the rewards in order to simplify the process so we can refine rewards based on difficulty. I changed the rewards to 50% per year up to the maximum subsidy of 5000 Coins per Block. If all Blocks Staked at the maximum Subsidy then the inflation per year would be approximately 1,314,000,000 Coins (6.8% increase after first year on 19.1 Billion).

ColossusCoin2.0 wallet is ready and nodes are connected

Windows Wallet -

I have changed the Proof of Stake reward to 50% per year with a maximum Stake per Block as 5000 coins (roughly 6% annual increase in money supply). This means the small Blocks will Stake for more Coins plus Fees.

Here is a guide to setting up a .conf file if you need it.

Go to Control Panel
In the Search box, type Folder
Click "Folder Options"
Click the tab that says View
Make sure there is no check in the box for "Hide file extensions for known file types" (de-select this option and click OK)
Exit Control Panel

On Windows 8, right-click the start button and select "Run"
(for Windows 7, left-click the start button and type "run" into "Search Programs and Files", then click Run at the top of the list)
In "Run", type %appdata% and press Enter
You should see the folder located at Appdata/Roaming
Open the ColossusCoin2 folder
Right-click and Create New File - create a new Text document
Open the document with Notepad
Paste the following into the file: (but put a username and password instead of "username" and "password)


Save the file.
Re-name the document ColossusCoin2.conf (filetype .conf, not .txt)
Restart your ColossusCoin2 wallet.

Ok, I have made a test wallet in order to make sure the rewards are what they should be. It is X11 and minable in the same way as our previous tests. The minimum Stake is 1 day and 1000 POW blocks and will let us test changes in order to address the bug. ColossusCoin2.conf file is included in the zip file.!4gE03RDb!SPJXudWAr0dXo6g95HT8FddTwdP4hjJx3ZaP1sxHTKE

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