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As there seems to be a large amount of positive interest in being a part of the 2.0 project I am proposing some funding options to start with. How I envision distribution and funding happening is that we first start with a set of variables to start with and tweak them until we are all happy with it. We have already been doing this, stating what you want or don't want as part of the coin.

The Proposal

We start with a fully Proof of Stake coin with a float of 20-25% over the current Colossuscoin Float and would equal a total of 380-400 Billion.

Transaction fee 0.1-0.2% to start. We can test several options as to what percentage would go to the Development Fund so we can make some rough projections as to how much the fund would pool and how much everyone wants as a fee to be included into staking. For instance, if the fee were 0.2% then we could have 0.075% go to the Development Fund and 0.125% go towards people staking. If it were 0.1% then we could have 0.025% go to staking and 0.075% go to the Dev Fund. The higher the fee percent and minimum fee, the more income it would generate through trade but would cause less activity.

Staking is weighted as 10% more coins a year and minimum stake age is 7-14 days. If the minimum age were 14 days and the fee were 0.2% then when you make a transaction you would be charged 0.2% and the coins wouldn't be able to stake for atleast another 14 days which means everyone else would get more coins through staking and from fees. It would also work in reverse, and so if you staked all of your coins but the majority of other people did not, you might end up with 20% more coins over the span of a year where other people might only end up with 5%.

Fees set as a percentage would allow us to distribute a large amount of coins through Proof of Stake by sending transactions at a 100% fee. Once the Blockchain is set the way we want it, we can set aside the coins for the swap and after 3-4 months and whatever is left over is redistributed through POS which would mean if only 50% swapped over (160 Bil left over) you would receive 66% more coins and 1% would become 1.66%, if 10% swapped over (280 bil left over), you would receive 133% more coins and 1% would become 2.33% and so on.

With 25% extra coins, we could distribute between 5-10% of the coins based upon work accumulated and keep the rest for future costs and bounties, we could sell some to each other, get listed on an exchange and sell some, or do the work ourselves and get paid out of the Development Fund.

The Development Fund and coins for the Swap would be handled by multiple trusted parties and so would take a m of n of keys in order to use the funds. This can be achieved by creating addresses in which need an approval of certain keys created in order for a transaction to be sent.

This model assumes that a degree of centralization is possible amongst a group of trusted people and I believe with the proper precautions put in place that you only need to trust that a majority of Oracles aren't going to be compromised at the same time or will collude with each other at the expense of everyone else.

Additional things to consider

If we take the route to create a large amount of additional coins, the entire swap would happen off of the exchanges as no exchange would swap over peoples coins where they would receive the same amount of coins relative to a larger maximum float. This would mean that in order to swap over your coins, you must have your own wallet and so all distribution would go straight to coin holders and not to the exchanges. By swapping over and burning coins received, it would also have a more positive price action for anyone who still owns Colossuscoin 1.0 as we would provide a patch and port all services for 2.0 and the original coin is still traded as normal only with a reduced float.

Proof of Work, Proof of Transaction and Merge Mining may also be introduced to a degree in order to assist with security and confirmations but either with low payouts, or integrated into payouts through Staking.


What I am looking to create is more of a Decentralized Corporation built to always favor long term holders. Since we are pretty close to setting all the coins and testing so I'm going to put it out there that I would like my cut to be between 2-5% of the initial distribution of coins. Each of us can have some of the initial coins and when all the bugs are ironed out we can pool funds through a fixed sale of coins for financing of future projects and I can even contribute a few BTC towards the financing.

Hi everyone,

I've been working super hard on building Colossuscoin version 2 over the last few weeks and so now I'm looking to get some help from anyone that wants to help. My goal with this is to purely build and remake this coin with the help of everyone in the foundation. I'm going to start with the basics of Github and Cloning.

First we start with the main cloning guide I have been working with, I am using the Devtome guide available here and for the purpose of this project I want to add all the parts in which are lacking and keep it easy to understand.

I am working in both Windows and Linux, I have been using Windows for years but only started with Linux a few weeks or so but I have to say it is much easier in many ways, I am going to assume that most will be working with Windows. If you would like to work with Linux you can download Ubuntu at and install the Ubuntu Operating System, it's free and can be easily installed as a partitioned operating system so you can choose to either boot in Windows or Linux.


You will want to create a Github account so you can send your copy of the edited code to work with, it's not really mandatory to get a copy of the code to work with but it's good to be able to read and look through what changes have been made. As a base I am working with the Blackcoin code because of how well done the Proof of Stake code has been made so lets first take a look at how Github works.

In Github you can download the source code as a Zip file to work with from any point in time so you can download the latest code, or you can navigate back in time and download the code from a previous point by clicking on commits.

So lets click on the commits and navigate back, to a previous point.

Now we want to view these changes at this period

If you click on "browse code" it will take you to a snapshot of the source code from that point in time in which you can browse, 'fork' or download as a zip file.

You can get Github for Windows using the program Cygwin, it's a command prompt in which you can push changes and pull code directly from Github. I used this guide to get Github working for Windows

If using Linux, you can get Github and all the dependencies with a single command,

$sudo apt-get install sudo apt-get install build-essential libboost-all-dev libssl-dev libdb++-dev libqrencode-dev git qt-sdk libminiupnpc-dev

sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
sudo apt-get install libdb++-dev
sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev
sudo apt-get install libqrencode-dev

Editing code

Your going to need a text editor in order to edit the code and make changes. For Windows I recommend notepad++ you can download it at

If you downloaded the code as a Zip file, make sure you unzip the source code to a folder to navigate through. To search for specific pieces of code to change while in Notepad++, click on 'search' and then on 'find in files', click on the 'find in files' tab and then find your source code folder with the 'Directory' button. It's important to have the 'Match case' box checked because upper and lower case letters in the code help determine certain files to connect to. If you have 'match whole word only' box checked, it will search for the word only if it's not combined with other words such as Blackcoin but not Blackcoind.

Now with source code is hand there is a few things that need to be changed such as names, BlackCoin, blackcoin and BLACKCOIN, the symbol BC, and port numbers. On top of what is in the guide, previous checkpoints have been removed, DNS seed nodes have been removed and the checkpoint server has been removed. I also re-enabled IRC seeding by default, hardcoded to one IRC channel instead of a choice of 5 channels and have loosened the 5 minute time difference to the original 2 hours. The Zerocoin parameters and the 2 hour time difference will have to be changed back but I think it's better to try to go with as close to the original fork as possible with all the updates included.

I have re-uploaded all my changes for some pretty clean code to work with to

I have also reset the nonce and mined a new Genesis Block so this version should be mineable.

One addition that is NOT in the code I have uploaded is the Genesis Block script. In the Guide used it mentions about changing 'false' to 'true' in the main.cpp just under where it lists the Nonce value but in the Blackcoin code it isn't listed there so I ended up finding the correct script through Google since it's a different type of hashing.

However in newer versions of code, the Genesis Script has been removed to prevent people from hashing their own Genesis Block since after the Genesis Block is created, that script is no longer needed and only needs to be run on a local machine.

The Scypt used for mining the Genesis Block in the Smallchange code would not be valid because it's based on a different hashing algorithm so with a little googling and a bit of tweaking of the code the Genesis Block Scrypt looks like this and can be used with most newer coins such as Hobonickles, Fluttercoin and pretty much all the Novacoin clones.

        printf("%s\n", block.GetHash().ToString().c_str());
        printf("%s\n", hashGenesisBlock.ToString().c_str());
        printf("%s\n", block.hashMerkleRoot.ToString().c_str());
        assert(block.hashMerkleRoot == uint256("0xeed579c62f6943b8d8e529d0c569afca71007140739115dde14b9b66d62f17ff"));

        // If genesis block hash does not match, then generate new genesis hash.
        if (block.GetHash() != hashGenesisBlock)
            printf("Searching for genesis block...\n");
            // This will figure out a valid hash and Nonce if you're
            // creating a different genesis block:
            uint256 hashTarget = CBigNum().SetCompact(block.nBits).getuint256();
            uint256 thash;

                thash = scrypt_blockhash(BEGIN(block.nVersion));
                if (thash <= hashTarget)
                if ((block.nNonce & 0xFFF) == 0)
                    printf("nonce %08X: hash = %s (target = %s)\n", block.nNonce, thash.ToString().c_str(), hashTarget.ToString().c_str());
                if (block.nNonce == 0)
                    printf("NONCE WRAPPED, incrementing time\n");
            printf("block.nTime = %u \n", block.nTime);
            printf("block.nNonce = %u \n", block.nNonce);
            printf("block.GetHash = %s\n", block.GetHash().ToString().c_str());

A better view of the code in place looks like this

In order to create a new Genesis Block, you need to first generate a new Merklehash value. You create a new Merklehash by updating the Txnew time and Block time to current Epoch Time which is a measure of computer time in seconds since 1970. You can view current Epochtime here The Nonce value is the incrementing value to find a synchronized block for the script so we want to reset that and let it find a new Nonce.


Line 2544:  txNew.nTime = 1401133000
Line 2554:  block.nTime    = 1401133000
Line 2554:  block.nNonce   = !fTestNet ? 89572 : 48952;

Note: 89572 is Mainnet and 48952 is Testnet

Also need to change the pszTimestamp to something else, typically people use a newspaper headline, Doge uses 'Nintendo'

Line 2542:  const char* pszTimestamp = "26 Mayb 2014 Colossuscoin is born";

You also want to insert the Genesis script. All your changes should look like this

Now in Linux you would now build all those changes into the Colossuscoind commandline by using the following commands in the terminal

cd Colossuscoinv2/src
Colossuscoinv2/src% make -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP=-

You can strip the file of the debug symbols to make a smaller file if you like

Colossuscoinv2/src% strip colossuscoind

It should build cleanly if you've only changed the basics so now we run colossuscoind in testnet

Colossuscoinv2/src% ./colossuscoind -testnet

Step 1

Download the most up to date Client, and latest copy of the Blockchain and Colossuscoin.conf file

Windows Client 1.5.2

ColossuscoinBlockchainApr21.rar (Including the Conf file)

Newest (Including the Conf file)

Step 2

Go to your Download folder in your computer, right click on Col 1.5.2.rar and extract the files to a folder in which you can find.

Step 3

Open your ColossusCoin-qt.exe file for the first time, wait until it opens and then close the client, this will automatically create your roaming files for you. (Ignore this step if you already have had a client but wish to update or sync quicker).

Step 4

Go to your Colossuscoin folder which is found in User/Appdata/Roaming/Colossuscoin and delete everything in the folder except your wallet.dat Your wallet.dat contains your private keys, if you delete that you will permanently lose your coins so please make a backup of it before deleting anything.

Step 5

Go back to the folder in where you downloaded the files in Step 1, right click on the Blockchain file and extract the files to your Appdata/Roaming/Colossuscoin folder. Right click on Colossuscoin.conf file, copy it and paste it into the Appdata/Roaming/Colossuscoin folder as well. Your Colossuscoin Folder should now contain all the files you need.

Step 6

Open your ColossusCoin-qt.exe client and let your client fully sync. If you have coins available to Stake, they will Stake once your client is fully Synced and you can leave it open until they are fully confirmed (which is 70 confirmations on the network)

Step 7 *optional*

If you would like to check your wallet for coins that may not be showing up in your wallet, click on "Help", "Debug Window" and click on the Console tab.

Type Checkwallet to check for any coins that may be missing and should say "wallet check passed" : true

If it returns "Mismatched Coins" Type Repairwallet and it will fix your balance.

General ColossusCoin Discussion / Colossuscoin 2.0 Masterthread
« on: March 27, 2014, 03:06:57 PM »
July 10th
Here are a few baseline parameters and things to be decided on as of yet, thank you to Mouseman for organizing it into a nice format.

The red comments are some of my quick thoughts or questions of a certain parameter I would like open for further discussion or more details.


- 100% Proof-of-Stake currency (NO Proof-Of-Work Mining as it has already been completed months ago using Scrypt Algorithm)

- 550 billion coins total (The Maximum Coin Float)

- Premine: 380 Billion Coins (of which 313 billion were already both mined and staked by coin holders equaling over 313 billion to date)

- Transaction Fee (Sending Colossus Coin 2.0) = 0.1% or 10 Col, whichever is higher

- Of the 0.1% Transaction Fees Collected for each and every transaction made with COL version 2.0, 75% of it is paid to the Colossus Coin Foundation for further COL Coin development and 25% of it goes to the current coin Stakers that have their coins sitting in their wallets and must be opened (the wallet) at least 1 time each 14 days.

- New COL 2.0 Client for Windows-Linux, Mac OS, Android, and a Secure Online Wallet

-Updated Wallet Client with better connectivity and faster Syncing times

- Transaction Fee Destruction = Fee of 0.02 Col included in all transactions

- Transaction Fee Mining by Wallet Stakers = 7 days / 15 days Max Weight
NEEDS FURTHER DISCUSSION (I would like to see staking start immediately at 7 days..not between 7-14 days)

- Block Time = 1 minute

- Coins mature after 100 blocks

- Confirmations per transaction: 6

- Proof of Stake % Paid
Specifically - .83% (under 1%) monthly interest will be generated roughly each month for Stakers holding coins in their wallets (10% approximately per year).

A lot of additional conversation is NECESSARY as a weighted curve over time may be more benefit over time for COL 2.0 and extend the staking well beyond the projected 4-5 years)

- 67 Billion Coins extra are created at the time of the Colossus Coin v2.0 Launch for the following uses/reasons:

- The new Coin will be called?
"Colossus Coin 2.0" Exchange trading symbol = "CV2"
If essentially Colossus Coin 1.0v is still allowed to trade on the exchanges after we release the 2.0 version, how do we differentiate them apart? 1.0 and 2.0? Or possibly "COL" = Colossus Coin 1.0 and "CV2" = Colossus Coin 2.0 may be a solid choice.

July 7th

I've just made a couple changes to the thread title and highlighting the original IPO details as refrence and focusing closer on the staking.

July 3rd, 2014

I have been working very hard on rebuilding the structure of Colossuscoin and I am looking for input from any and all members. The original IPO for the 2.0 project was put on hold in order to prevent possible safety issues and long waits.

The main difference is that Col2.0 is now in the preliminary stages of being built and once testing is complete, sale of a portion of coins can be used to pay for code improvements of Col1.0 and an automated system for all holders to swapover their coins.

I am looking for people who would like to be a bit more involved in the decision of the code specifications and so I have released a few of the more recent topics of what the Development Team has been working on lately.

This is some of the specifics of building a coin (should be an interesting read) and quite a bit of my more recent progress.

This is an updated version of the Colossuscoin2.0 Funding options and is subject to a large amount of changes. This is mainly where I am looking for the most input at the moment.

There is no cost in order to be involved and you may receive some of the final coins for input in the features and testing. If you own Colossuscoin or want to be more involved in learning more about how Cryptocurrency works and want to make a coin, this the time to speak up and make your voice heard in what you want out of your coin.

The IPO as it was is here as a reference for building and changes.

Please help the Colossuscoin community by donating to the Development Fund addresses

Development Donation Addresses:

LTC: LWD421APXW3ZRzem7HbYAD35a54JW3iy3e
BTC: 1PaU2cao6qN7odXjCqHEoSLs4NEpw3JtNU

These addresses are managed by Sudo23 and will help us fund wallet and project updates.


Also posted on Bitcointalk here

A few days ago Cryptsy posted a message on the Colossuscoin markets stating that "This market is under consideration for deactivation due to volume". Cryptsy holds approximately 40% or more of all Colossuscoin on their exchange so as a direct result of their notice, price has dropped more than 50%

Colossuscoin is a very active foundation for its size and around 70% or more of all posts occur in the private sections. I have personally searched for months to find a credible software team and kept Bit John updated on a regular basis.

Here is a snapshot of the Development Team section never before released.

I am active on the forums daily and have Bit John on Skype as well as several other members of the Development Team. Cryptsy had the means and opportunity to inform us prior to the message they put up but failed to do so. I even sent Bit John a message 2 days before the notice was put up to tell him that we have a team that can fix the wallet issues and will take under a week once funding is complete. Had we been informed of the notice we could have simply released all of our progress thus far and begun our fundraising campaign, this is the third time in 3 months that investors have suffered due to the direct actions of Cryptsy and the most severe. This is a copy of my Skype logs with Bit John over the last few weeks with no mention or warning of any kind, I like Bit John but investors have just lost in a big way.

Please post and become a part of the conversation on Bitcointalk!

It has come to our attention that Cryptsy may delist Colossuscoin from their market due to low volume of trade. Although we cannot control what an exchange does we can and are focused on building a better Foundation. We are fully committed to this project and will be here through the ebbs and flows of even the stormiest of times. To us, Colossuscoin is not just another Cryptocurrency, we are a group of friends bound together by the ideology that we can make a difference in the world and it is this spirit that will overcome insurmountable odds.

Marketplace / Coinpayments is closing
« on: March 08, 2014, 10:01:17 AM »
I received this email from Coinpayments last night

 It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the closure of FinCEN has ruled that Bitcoin is in their purview which would make us a money transmitter. We simply do not have the resources to register with FinCEN and most of the 50 states as a MSB and comply with all of the AML/KYC laws (and no realistic way to raise the funds to do so.)The shutdown will happen in 3 stages:1. We will stop accepting new user registrations effective immediately.2. We will stop processing new transactions at11:59:59 PM EST on March 24, 2014 (transactions already in progress at that time will be completed).3. The website will otherwise remain operational until 11:59:59 PM EST on March 31st, 2014 when it will be shut down.Any refunds due must be requested by the end of March 31st, 2014 and any funds held in your account withdrawn. Keeping the website open for a week from the last new transaction should give everyone ample time to wrap up their affairs in the site.We extend our sincerest apologies to you and everyone else who has relied on CoinPayments for over 7 months,MrData &

I got a hold of the c-cex guys and talked to them about adding Col to their exchange.

I know everyone is super excited but I would like to remind everyone that we are working through stability issues. These issues include slow syncing and possible connectivity issues. This is a reminder to please do your due diligence when investing.


Right now we are at a tipping point in price, very little selling going on. I would like Col to get a little cheaper so that anyone who wants to buy some coins can get in. Promotion affects price so we can let the price drop a bit and gather up promo material and strategies for a test run.

I think for the test run we can release the Bitcointalk Thread, Pictures, and a Promoter Application Thread. I wouldn't want to pump it too hard and have hundreds of promoters signing up but I'd like an extra 15-20 people and begin to select a few more for the Development Team. It's KEY to build slowly so we aren't over extending ourselves.


We now have Moe as part of the Development Team, he is a Project Manager of a software team in Vancouver and is currently looking over the code for stability improvements and will give us a quote and rough timeline of the first couple jobs, New Checkpoint server, IRC and changes to code for stability.

We also now have a second team here in Vancouver who wants to work on the Development of Colossuscoin as well! I was approached by them today and they are eager to develop for Colossuscoin

I will send them an email tonight about Colossuscoin but we need to really know exactly what we want to change and in what way so we aren't wasting anyones time.

For me, working with people face to face is optimal, there are many talented Developers here in Vancouver but if all else fails we can get in contact with the BTC Repair Crew, they helped Zack finish up the new Blockchain and swap all the coins over with the help of Cryptsy. Their help would be around 5 BTC, which is pretty good! I think we could do it all up and swap it over for under 10 BTC but even that is pretty small compared to the value of Col.

If you are having trouble with your client syncing slowly you can add permenant nodes to your Collossuscoin.conf file. Your client should find peers automatically, this is incase you are having trouble.

If you having sync issues:
Windows 7/8:
1) Click Start, type %appdata% and hit enter.
2) Open the Colossuscoin folder.
3) Download this file
4) Paste or replace the colossuscoin.conf file in your Colossuscoin folder.
5) Start client
6) If it gets stuck: Close Colossuscoin client, delete the peers.dat in your AppData\Roaming\Colossuscoin Folder. Reopen client and continue to sync


You can also create a colossuscoin.conf file manually by using this guide

Colossuscoin started out as a POW/POS hybrid and in early December became 100% Proof of Stake. Proof of Stake has the advantage of not being devalued by people mining the currency. There is only a finite amount of Colossuscoin and you can only get it by buying it, and only through staking can people earn a fixed rate on their coins. Staking is very efficient so even old computers can do it.

In the change over to POS, a bunch of coins were lost which can be recovered. The network has been improving over the last 2 months, the only issue currently is some connectivity problem with Cryptsy getting chargebacks. Staking works to move the blockchain and confirm transactions so we believe that if you can create wallets that are staking small amounts of coins every 30 seconds over the entire staking period, they will create wallets that speed up transactions and bring more stability. We are creating this now by sending 100 Col to 8 addresses every 30 seconds over 30 days. We are one week in and making these wallets gives us a constant update on the health of the network.

We now have qualified developers looking at the code and will give us a quote and time frame for the first projects stability and fee system. They are keen to work long term with Colossuscoin which would be beneficial for the community.

Before large scale adoption a fee system is beneficial to long term shareholders because bigger volume would mean more income generated for the development fund and investors. We are all investors so we can work together to decide how the fee system will most benefit everyone in the foundation.

Higher fees are better because if it pays 75% to the development fund and 25% to investors it means that you can possibly receive more coins from fees than you would from staking. We think 0.1% on transactions is good because it's less than exchange fees and it will not really ding us if we want to move our coins. You can also move your entire wallet without it charging fees or stopping staking and will be looking more into that as well.

Exchanges and Popularity

Colossuscoin is already listed on 5 exchanges including Cryptsy, the largest alt exchange. We have had some connectivity issues with Cryptsy lately but our team has worked positively with Cryptsy to help resolve the issue and make sure no coins were lost. Until we get the coding work done, we may still see some of the same issues but we have constant contact with Cryptsy as well as contact with the original Developer of Colossuscoin and expert POS coders if we are having difficulties. We have strong ties to another foundation facing similar issues as well who has been helping us.

We have an active user base that is growing daily with a strong determination and positive mindset. We have Facebook, Twitter, reddit, Bitcointalk and cryptocointalk presence.

We have gathered a large portion of shareholders into the foundation which will allow us to make changes that will benefit shareholders, better return on investment and better usability.

We are working with a currency that confirms all transactions fully in around 2-4 minutes or less and generates new coins in a fair way and we are working to make sure everyone in the foundation profits.

Coinfest is a decentralised Cryptocurrency event which was held over multiple venues over the weekend. Much excitement, so much profit! I have some pictures for you guys

To the Moon! (and worlds first Bitcoin Atm on the right hand side)


Worlds first Dogecoin Atm

The Feathercoin guys were there as well as the guys from Ethereum were in town

Asic Miners

Gpu Miners

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