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We thought it would be helpful to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Ambit Mining ICO

Since launching on the market last week, the #Modex #Marketplace now has 53 smart contracts listed, part of them available for #free. Browse through the smart contracts & templates and find what you need!

“On top of the dev tools, the Modex platform will provide enhanced blockchain tools that enable developers and companies to easily deploy multiple types of private blockchains. The purpose is to make running and deploying to a blockchain as easy as building a simple web app.” - Modex's CEO Mihai Ivascu quoted by The FinTech Times

Syscoin | $SYS | Business on the Blockchain

Check out @BlockFoundry's most recent Blockmarket 1.2.2 with update! #syscoin $SYS #RT #syscoin @syscoin #fintech

We’re completing the final step, we’re almost ready to go live with our ICO. That’s why we’ll be able to announce the official new ICO opening date at the beginning of next week

#CEDEX CEO & Co-Founder Spoke at the 2018 Tel Aviv People & Computers conference, where #CEDEX won 3rd place out of 270 entries. here's his presentation:

Presale starts on 3rd of April.
Don't miss it out and become part of the mining family, but before join Whitelist on our website:
We welcome mining enthusiasts to join us in this journey of building our new future together.

Token Communities, headed by renowned futurist Alex Lightman, helps to create, fund and manage the highest quality innovations in modern blockchain technology. Their $10m partnership with us will support the initial stages of our business plan and rapid growth acceleration.

We are happy to introduce one of Blockchain Foundry's(@BlockFoundry) newest team member. Here's a short bio of Project Lead: Quang Nguyen(@Quangogster).Keep an eye out for more & a website update with the whole team: $SYS #fintech #syscoin @syscoin #bitcoin

Grain | The New Currency of Work | Crypto Investor Show 2018

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